Materials Research Society at the University of Genoa

We are pleased to convey you the approval of the first MRS University Chapter in Italy, at the University of Genova. The creation of an MRS Chapter at Genova University would consolidate our pioneering role in Materials Science in Italy and in Europe with the aim of encouraging international collaboration within different existing European Chapters and disseminating culture and knowledge outside the academic community. It could represent a milestone for engaging the worldwide scientific community towards advancing the global quality of life. We hope that our students  can benefit from an early contact with Materials Research having the opportunity to play an active role in the scientific community by contributing to the social and cultural growth of the area expanding the Materials Research community network. For this purpose, as a first official MRS event, our idea is to organize a seminar (MRS Nobel Colloquia) on the topic of the 2023 Nobel Prize in Chemistry. The speaker, Liberato Manna, will explain how Quantum Dots, with their colours and intriguing properties, have fascinated and engaged generations of scientists over the last forty years. 

Ultimo aggiornamento 5 Dicembre 2023