Doctoral Board

The Doctorate is managed by a Coordinator and by a Doctoral Board, whose composition is shown below (clicking on the name of the member you will connect to the personal homepage and to the Curriculum Vitae):

Faculty Email Affiliation Curriculum Cycle
Tiziano Bandiera IIT DDN A
Luca Banfi DCCI STC A
Antonio Barbucci DICCA STM A
Andrea Basso DCCI STC A
Angela Bisio DIFAR SFAC A
Francesco Bonaccorso BD NC E
Chiara Brullo DIFAR SFAC A
Maurizio Canepa DIFI STM A
Dario Cavallo DCCI STC A
Diego Colombara DCCI STC C
Davide Comoretto DCCI STM A
Paola Costamagna DCCI STC C
Simona Delsante DCCI STC E
Maurizio Ferretti DCCI STM A
Paola Fossa DIFAR SFAC A
Marco Grotti DCCI STC A
Roman Krahne IIT NC A
Riccardo Leardi DIFAR SFAC A
Emanuele Magi DCCI STC A
Pietro Manfrinetti DCCI STC A
Liberato Manna IIT NC A
Daniele Marrè DIFI STM A
Alberto Martinelli CNR STM A
Orietta Monticelli DCCI STC A
Paolo Oliveri DIFAR SFAC A
Davide Peddis DCCI STC A
Teresa Pellegrino IIT NC A
Pierpaolo Pompa IIT DDN A
Mirko Prato IIT NC A
Gianguido Ramis DICCA STM A
Annalisa Relini DCCI STM A
Andrea Reverberi DCCI STC A
Paola Riani DCCI STC A
Renata Riva (Coordinator) DCCI STC A
Giulia Rossi DIFI STM B
Silvia Schenone DIFAR SFAC A
Pavlo Solokha DICCI STC D
Nicola Tirelli IIT NC B
Andrea Costanzo (Ph.D. stud. repr)       G
Luca Rebecchi (Ph.D. stud. repr)       F
Alessandro Cingolani (Ph.D. stud. repr)       D


Affiliation: BD = BeDimensional S.p.A.. DCCI = Department of Chemistry and Industrial Chemistry. DIFAR = Department of Pharmacy. DIFI = Department of Physics. DICCA = Department of Chemical, Civil, and Environmental Engineering. IIT = Italian Institute of Technology. CNR = National Research Council, SPIN institute.

Curriculum: STC = Chemical Sciences and Technologies. STM = Material Science and Technology. SFAC = Pharmaceutical, Food, and Cosmetic Sciences. NC = Nanochemistry. DDN = Drug Discovery and Nanobiotechnology.

Cycle: A = Board of Cycles XXXV, XXXVI, XXXVII, and XXXVIII. B = Board of Cycles XXXVII and XXXVIII. C = Board of Cycles XXXV, XXXVI, and XXXVII. D = Board of Cycle XXXVII. E = Board of Cycles XXXV and XXXVI. F = Board of Cycle XXXVI. G = Board of Cycle XXXV.



Last update 30 September 2022