Doctoral Board

The Doctorate is managed by a Coordinator and by a Doctoral Board, whose composition is shown below (clicking on the name of the member you will connect to the personal homepage and to the Curriculum Vitae):

Faculty Email Department Curriculum
Tiziano Bandiera IIT DDN
Luca Banfi DCCI STC
Antonio Barbucci DICCA STM
Andrea Basso DCCI STC
Angela Bisio DIFAR SFAC
Chiara Brullo DIFAR SFAC
Maurizio Canepa DIFI STM
Dario Cavallo DCCI STC
Diego Colombara DCCI STC
Davide Comoretto DCCI STM
Paola Costamagna DCCI STC
Maurizio Ferretti DCCI STM
Paola Fossa DIFAR SFAC
Marco Grotti DCCI STC
Roman Krahne IIT NC
Riccardo Leardi DIFAR SFAC
Emanuele Magi DCCI STC
Pietro Manfrinetti DCCI STC
Liberato Manna IIT NC
Daniele Marrè DIFI STM
Alberto Martinelli CNR STM
Orietta Monticelli DCCI STC
Paolo Oliveri DIFAR SFAC
Davide Peddis DCCI STC
Teresa Pellegrino IIT NC
Pierpaolo Pompa IIT DDN
Mirko Prato IIT NC
Gianguido Ramis DICCA STM
Annalisa Relini DCCI STM
Andrea Reverberi DCCI STC
Paola Riani DCCI STC
Renata Riva (Coordinator) DCCI STC
Giulia Rossi DIFI STM
Silvia Schenone DIFAR SFAC
Pavlo Solokha DICCI STC
Nicola Tirelli IIT NC

LEGEND: DCCI = Department of Chemistry and Industrial Chemistry. DIFAR = Department of Pharmacy. DIFI = Department of Physics. DICCA = Department of Chemical, Civil, and Environmntal Engineering. IIT = Italian Institute of Technology. CNR = National Research Council, SPIN institute. Curricula: STC = Chemical Sciences and Technologies. STM = Material Science and Technology. SFAC = Pharmaceutical, Food and Cosmetic Sciences. NC = Nanochemistry. DDN = Drug Discovery and Nanobiotechnology.

Last update 4 February 2022