Detailed information on how to pre-enroll, confirm enrollment and on fees and deadlines is available on the University website.

In particular, for 2023/2024, confirmation of enrollment without late payment must be made by 3rd October 2023. It is possible to pre-enroll or enroll even later, but with late payment. Furthermore, it must be considered that the lessons will begin on 25th September 2023 and the laboratory activities around mid-October and, if not formally registered, it is not possible to access the laboratories, which are compulsory. Therefore, it is essential to enroll by early October and attend lessons immediately, because during the first lessons detailed information will be given on the organization of lessons and laboratories and any other information useful for the successful attendance of the course. For these reasons, the course of study does not accept late enrollments after 20th October.

Assessment of initial preparation

The assessment of adequate initial preparation is mandatory according to the Ministerial Law 270/2004 and it is carried out through an initial Verification Test, organized by the University of Genoa (TELEMACO), which will be held online around mid-September. All the information necessary for participation, any exemptions, and the methods for satisfying the Additional Educational Obligations (OFA) which are attributed to those who fail or who do not participate in the test, can be found on the TELEMACO page.

Study plan

The study plan is the choice of all the exams that must be taken in order to graduate.

Freshmen who intend to stick to the standard study plan do not have to do anything and their plan will be uploaded automatically. Only those who, for some reason, wish to apply for a non-standard plan or those who intend to enroll part-time must present their study plan. In these cases, the plan must be presented within the deadlines published on the following page.

Part-time enrollment

Part-time enrollment is an option for students with limited availability of time to devote to their studies, for example student workers, students who have to provide assistance to non-self-sufficient relatives, students engaged in important sport or cultural activities, students with particular health problems. In practice, instead of entering a study plan with 60 CFU per year, a plan with no more than 30 CFU is proposed, taking advantage of a tuition fee reduction.

To enroll part-time, it is not necessary either to explain the reasons for the choice or to present any supporting documentation.

Last update 10 August 2023