Student workers

Student workers are people who work full-time and who decide to enroll at university to obtain a bachelor's or master's degree to improve their skills and career prospects. They should not be confused with working students, who enroll in university and carry out some part-time jobs to support their studies.

The European Community and the Italian Goverment (Law 92 of 28th June 2012) promote permanent education and therefore the alternation between study and work and attendance at university courses by workers of all ages.

Study courses in the chemical field fit very well the needs of this kind of student, as they offer highly professional qualifications, which can improve the quality of work or allow accessing the freelance profession.

If you are a worker and want to enroll in the three-year degree in chemistry or in the master's degrees in Chemical Sciences or Industrial Chemistry, ask for an appointment with the coordinators of the Degree Courses in Chemistry or Industrial Chemistry to learn more about this opportunity.

Last update 9 August 2023