During the PhD Day 2024, the best poster awards have been given to:

Martusciello Martina, Mechanochromic Photonic Crystals and their Optomechanical Characterization
Iebole Andrea, Treatment of agro-food waste with innovative separation technologies for producing biopesticides or biofertilizers for various domestic crops
Malavika Manju Sudheer, Poly(lactic acid) Nanoplastics: Reference Model through Laser Ablation for Mimicking Bio-Based Nanoplastics


Thursday 25 January at 3.30 pm in room 3, Dr. Cristina Marras of the Institute for the European Intellectual Lexicon and the History of Ideas of the National Research Council, will hold the seminar:

"Towards a scientific lexicon as an interdisciplinary bridge between the “two cultures”

introduced by prof. Davide Peddis of the DCCI, and followed by the inauguration of the photographic exhibition:

"4,404 km: soil and subsoil", with photos from Ny-Alesund in the Arctic.

We are pleased to convey you the approval of the first MRS University Chapter in Italy, at the University of Genova. The creation of an MRS Chapter at Genova University would consolidate our pioneering role in Materials Science in Italy and in Europe with the aim of encouraging international collaboration within different existing European Chapters and disseminating culture and knowledge outside the academic community.

Alessandro Pellis of DCCI has been awarded a €1.5 million ERC Starting Grant 2023 with the CIRCULARIZE project. For the next five years, the Chemo-Enzymatic Processes Laboratory will work on the chemo-enzymatic conversion of renewable monomers into circular functional materials.

More information here.

In the third edition of the International Invention Competition InnoWings 2023, an innovation of our Department in collaboration with the University of Torun (Poland) has been awarded.

The Excellence Invention Award was won by the following team:
Maila Castellano, Marina Alloisio, Andrea Dodero, Katarzyna Adamiak, Alina Sionkowska, Silvia Vicini

Innovation title: "Chitosan-collagen electrospun wound healing patches"

More info at


On may 9, 2023, there will be two elections, from 10.00 to 14.00.

  1. Election of 1 representative of all Ph.D. students of the department in the Department Council, from 1/11/2023 to 31/10/2025.
  2. Election of 1 representative of cycle XXXVIII in the Teachers' Council

Here, as attachment, you will find the decrees (in italian) and the list of eligible students.

On the same day, just after starting of the election, you will receive an E-mail with the link and code for election.


Research from our department on this subject has been featured on

Project EDIRE will host its second online public event on February 16th.

During the panel discussion, you will have the opportunity to listen to professors from different countries, including Bulgaria, and Bosnia and Herzegovina from the Unige DCCI (Italy) professor Peddis and professor Piccardo.

The panel discussion will be held from 12:30 to 1:30 p.m. (CET time) on Zoom  EDIRE's Facebook page provides you with the opportunity to follow the discussion.

The call for admissione to the doctorate starting on november 1, 2022 has been published. The deadline is june 30

The “REusable MAsk Patterning” (REMAP) research project, coordinated by the Department of Chemistry and Industrial Chemistry of UniGe, has been funded by the European Innovation Council (EIC) under the PathFinder Open programme, in support of innovative and disruptive technologies.