The project “REusable MAsk Patterning” (REMAP) has been funded

The project “REusable MAsk Patterning” (REMAP), coordinated by the Department of Chemistry and Industrial Chemistry of Genova University, has been funded by the European Innovation Council (EIC) in the PathFinder Open program, which supports innovative and breakthrough technologies.

Key competences of DCCI are involved, from Inorganic Chemistry (Dr. Diego Colombara, P.I., Prof. Simona Delsante and Prof. Serena De Negri) to Organic Chemistry (Dr. Chiara Lambruschini), and to Physical Chemistry (Prof. Davide Peddis and Prof. Fabio Canepa). They will join their efforts to formulate a novel class of bifunctional composite fluids, named magnetoreological electrolytes.

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Last update 18 November 2021