Each student is accompanied in every step of the university career, through various projects and activities, aimed at promoting:

  • incoming guidance (initiatives to support the choice of the course of study, generally for high school students).
  • ongoing guidance (tutoring activities during the course of study).
  • post-graduation guidance (services to help finding a job).

For University guidance services click here.

For the course of study in Chemistry and Chemical Technologies, the incoming guidance is supervised by the teachers Anna Maria Cardinale and Francisco Ardini and by the student tutors Davide Mazza and Giulia Testoni. You can contact them for every need and request for information.

As regards ongoing guidance, information days are organized every year to provide information on curricula and Master degrees in Industrial Chemistry and Chemical Sciences, as well as open-lab days when it is possible to visit the research laboratories. Additionally, you can refer to teaching tutors and freshmen project tutors.

Finally, post-graduation guidance is taken care of by the DCCI Graduate Orientation Service.

Last update 10 August 2023