Bachelor in Chemistry and Chemical Technologies

General Description

The bachelor course in Chemistry and Chemical Technologies offers several choice options.

At the end of the second year the students will choose among a pathway more oriented to pure chemistry (curriculum "chimica") and another one more oriented towards industrial chemistry and chemical technologies (curriculum "tecnologie chimiche"). Then, at the end of the three years of the bachelor course, they can start one among two different Master Courses: Scienze Chimiche (Chemical Sciences) and Chimica Industriale (Industrial Chemistry), independently from the curriculum chosen during the third year (although for those who want to proceed with "Chemical Sciences" the curriculum "Chimica" is more recommended and vice versa). Moreove, those wo get the B.S. in Chemistry and Chemical Technologies, can also be erolled, without debts, in the master course of Science and Engineering of Materials, activated at this department.

Graduates who have started their degree programme from September 2005 are entitled to receive documentation approved by the European Chemistry Thematic Network Association showing that their degree carries the label of "Eurobachelor".

Last update 6 September 2021