The following courses CAN be given in English on request. 

  • Bachelor in Chemistry and Chemical Technologies:
    • Energia e sviluppo sostenibile (Energy and sustainable development) (2° semester)
    • Chimica Bioorganica (Bioorganic Chemistry) (2° semester)
  • Master Course in Chemical Sciences:
    • Chimica fisica 4 (Physical chemistry 4)(1° semester)
    • Strutturistica chimica (Structural chemistry) (2° semester)
    • Sintesi Organica (Organic Synthesis) (2° semester)
    • Tecniche e sintesi speciali organiche (Special organic syntheses and techniques) (1° semester)
  • Master Course in Industrial Chemistry
    • Chimica e Tecnologia delle Membrane (Membrane Chemistry and Technology)(2° semester)
    • Impianti, Reattoristica e Tecnologie Chimiche (Unit Operations, Reactor Engineering and Chemical Technology)(annual)
    • Tecniche di Controllo dei Processi Industriali (Control Techniques for Industrial Processes)(2° semester)
    • Chimica Macromolecolare (Macromolecular Chemistry)(1° semester)

You can find the syllabus of the courses under the "Course List" section of each degree

In addition, in the 1° semester of each year, Erasmus students can attend the courses of the SERP-CHEM International Master, that are all given in English