Marco Grotti

(+39) 010 353 8708/6173

Compiti didattici

  • Chimica Analitica 2 (Laurea in Chimica e Tecnologie chimiche)
  • Chimica Analitica Strumentale (Lauree Magistrale in Scienze Chimiche e in Chimica Industriale)
  • Metodologia della ricerca sperimentale (Scuola di dottorato in Scienze e Tecnologie della Chimica e dei Materiali)

Orario di ricevimento

  • tutti i giorni, su appuntamento

Cariche varie

  • Membro del Consorzio Nazionale Interuniversitario per le Scienze del Mare (CoNISMa)
  • Socio della Società Chimica Italiana


  • Materiale didattico disponibile su AULAWEB

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Marco Grotti was born in Genoa in 1968. He graduated in 1992, received his Ph.D. in Chemistry in 1996 and he is currently Associate Professor of Analytical Chemistry at the University of Genoa. His research interests comprise fundamental studies in atomic spectrometry, development of new analytical methods for elemental, isotopic and speciation analysis of environmental matrices and their application to the study of polar ecosystems. He collaborates with prestigious research groups in the field and he has been involved in >20 research projects, funded by the European Union, the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research and the National Research Council. In the framework of PNRA (Italian National Program for Antarctic Research) and RIS (Research in Svalbard) projects, he participated on five expeditions to the Arctic and Antarctica, he is responsible of research units and supervisor of the scientific projects related to the Antarctic Environmental Specimen Bank. He is member of CONISMA (National Association for Marine Sciences). He acted as project referee for various foreign institutions and he is regular referee for the main analytical and environmental chemistry journals. Author of about 80 articles on ISI journals (h-index:19; citations: ~1000), 1 textbook, and >100 Congress presentations.

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