Andrea Basso


- Andrea Basso, born in Genova on 8/5/1971, graduated with the highest mark (110/110 cum laudae) at the University of Genova (Italy) in December 1995, with a final dissertation on the design, synthesis and activity of new antitumoral enediyne compounds fused with a beta-lactam ring. This research project was supervised by Prof. G. Guanti and Prof. L. Banfi. The final dissertation was awarded at a national level with the Federchimica First Prize - Graduate Section
- Andrea Basso received his PhD in December 2000 from the University of Southampton (U.K.). His research project dealt with the synthesis of high-loading resin beads via dendrimerisation processes and their application to the solid-phase synthesis of combinatorial libraries. The research project was supervised by Prof. M. Bradley and was fully sponsored by Glaxo Wellcome (now Glaxo SmithKline). During the third year of the PhD he spent 6 months at the Glaxo Wellcome site in Stevenage (U.K.).

**Relevant Experience**
- In 1996 he won an EC grant for postgraduate specialisation in a foreign country of the European Community. Thanks to this grant he has spent 6 months at the University of Halle (Germany) where he worked under the supervision of Prof. M. E. Maier at the synthesis of symplified analogues of Dynemicin, a potent antitumoral agent belonging to the family of enediyne prodrugs.
- In 2001 Andrea Basso has been a post-doctoral research fellow at the Pharmazentrum of the University of Basel (Switzerland), where he worked in the group of Prof. B. Ernst at the design and synthesis of novel inhibitors of Selectins, proteins involved in inflammatory deseases and angiogenesis.
- From September 2001 he has been assegnista di ricerca (equivalent of post-doctoral fellow) at the Univeristy of Genova, where he worked in the group of Prof. Guanti and Prof. Banfi at the development of novel isocyanide-based multicomponent reactions to prepare pharmacologically relevant molecules.
- From June 2005 he has become, as a result of a public contest, Assistant Professor at the Department of Chemistry and Industrial Chemistry of the University of Genova. His main interests are related to the diversity oriented synthesis of molecules endowed with biological activity
- From August 2014 he is Associate Professor at the same University

**Relevant achievements**
- Andrea Basso has been co-author of eight books.
- He has been invited lecturer at the Chemistry of Nitrogen Containing Heterocycles Congress (Kharkiv (UKR), 2012), ORCA 2012 - Organocatalysis in Rome (Roma, 2012), MCR2009 (Ekaterinburg, May 2009) at the School for PhD students Corbella (Gargnano, 2007), at the University of Pavia (2014), Milan (Polytechnic University, 2014), Ferrara (2014), Gent (2012), Leuven (2012), Amsterdam (2010), Salerno (2009), Novara (2008) and Grenoble (2007), at Biofocus - a Galapagos company (Cambridge (UK), 2011), Laboratoires Fournier (Dijon, 2011), Varian Inc. (Pavia, 2008), at Menarini Ricerche S.p.A. (Pomezia, 2006 and 2004), at Serono Pharmaceuticals S. A. (Geneva, 2008 and 2005), at a satellite Workshop during the Eurocombi3 Symposium (Winchester, 2005), at the French Symposium for Young Scientists (Dijon, 2004), at the practical training course on combinatorial approaches and technologies (Florence, 2003), at Roche (Basel, 2001 and 2000).
- He has been member of the scientific and/or organising committee for four different international conferences.
- He is editor of the international journal Diversity Oriented Synthesis

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