Lisa Moni

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Lisa Moni graduated in 2005 at the University of Florence in Chemistry and Pharmacological Technologies with the highest mark (cum laudae). Her graduation dissertation was carried out under the supervision of Prof.
C. Nativi and in addition to this, she was also Erasmus student at the University of Sheffield (UK). In march 2009 she has completed the PhD course in chemical sciences at the University of Ferrara under the guidance of Prof. A. Marra and Prof. A. Dondoni. Her PhD research program dealt with the synthesis and biological applications of multivalent glycoside ligands and involved short periods at the Institut des Biomolecules (Montpellier, FR) and at the Institut des Nanotechnologies (Lyon, FR). After completing her PhD, she has had a post-doctoral fellowship at the University of Ferrara, working at a project in collaboration with the pharmaceutical industry Wyeth-Pfizer (USA). In 2010 she was post-doctoral fellow at the University Joseph Fourier (Grenoble, FR) where she had developed diagnostic kits for Alzheimer’s disease in collaboration with the Department of Biophysics and Nuclear Medicine. During this period she has gained skills in fields such as chemistry of biomolecules (carbohydrates, nucleotides, peptides), having the opportunity to work at interdisciplinary projects moving from organic chemistry to nanotechnologies (i.e. microarrays, functionalized silica gels, nanoparticles). Since 2011 she has been working at the University of Genova in the Bioorganic Chemistry Group, where she became Assistant Researcher in 2015. Her present research interests regard the development of original methodologies involving multicomponent reactions in combination with organocatalytic and enzymatic processes, and metal-catalyzed post-cyclizations. So far, she has produced 19 publications on international peer-reviewed journals, 3 chapters of a book and one European patent. She has also participated to various national and international congresses with oral and poster communications.

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