The Department of Chemistry and Industrial Chemistry (DCIC) was set up in 1996, as a result of merging the four former departments of General Chemistry, Industrial Chemistry, Physical Chemistry and Organic Chemistry within the Faculty of Mathematics, Physics and Natural Sciences.

The department is housed in one building in Via Dodecaneso, adjacent to the Departments of Physics, Mathematics and Information Technology, and occupy the small valley of the Valle Puggia area. DCIC offers a three-year BSc degree course in Chemistry and Chemical Technologies and MSc degree courses in Chemical Sciences, Industrial Chemistry and Materials Science and Engineering; It is the associate department for the three-year MSc degree course in Materials Science. It is also responsible for teaching various branches of chemistry as part of the degree courses in Physics, Natural and Environmental Sciences, Biological Sciences, Geological Sciences and Biotechnologies. In addition, DCIC offers Phd courses in Chemical Technologies and Materials Science as well as several MSc courses.

The department provides a large number of teaching facilities consisting of 11 lecture rooms, equipped with video projector, 8 laboratories and 2 study rooms. Thesis projects are undertaken in research laboratories, located on 4 floors of the building.

Research carried out at DCIC is divided into five Sections: Environmental and Analytical Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Industrial Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry and Metallurgy and Organic Chemistry. The numerous research projects in the various branches of chemistry make use of a wide range of state-of-the-art tools, often involving interdisciplinary collaboration. Research activities are organized around research projects - several dozen a year amounting to two-three million euros – funded by the University of Genoa, the Ministry of Universities and Scientific Research, the National Research Council, the European Community and a number of national and international industrial groups.

For the purpose of offering the industrial world and local authorities tailored research work, consultancy and assistance in the form of contracts and agreements, DCIC has set up the Laboratorio di Scienze e Tecnologie Chimiche e dei Materiali (SCITECHMA) (laboratory) enrolled in the MIUR register.
In a large laboratory at the Learning Centre, DCIC has set up and manages the Museo di Chimica (museum) which houses a large amount of interesting equipment dating as far back as the early 1800s. Lastly, the Department accommodates the Centro Servizi Bibliotecari di Chimica "Stanislao Cannizzaro" (library) and Working Groups of important National Inter-University Consortiums and the National Antarctic Research Programme.